Man Hair Loss You Can Learn The Causes and Treatments To Man Hair Loss Now!

Man Hair Loss Almost 25% Of Men Start To Bald Before The Age Of 30 Years Old Learn How To Keep What You Got!

Man Hair Loss! Where�s My Hat�Man Hair loss slowly develops as men age. It�s normal to lose small amounts of hair on a daily basis as a part our grooming routine. When the hair loss in man is excessive. This can leads to baldness (Alopecia). Baldness can inherited it can be caused by your body�s failure to have new hair growth. Pattern baldness can be seen in more men than women. Almost 25% of men start to bald before the age of 30 years old. Almost 2/3 are either balding or are completely bald by 60 years old.

The usual male pattern baldness includes a receding hairline and thinning about the top of the head with bald spots. Eventually, there could be the distinct horseshoe pattern with most of the man hair loss on the sides and back of the scalp.

What Are The Causes

Hair loss in man in most cases is not disease related, but is due to aging, genes, and low testosterone levels. There also a combination of other conditions that affects baldness to include:

  • Bad hair care or excessive hair treatment i.e. hot oil treatments cornrows that pull the hair
  • Dietary imbalance or nutrition deficiencies
  • Medication
  • Emotional distress or physical stress
  • Burns or Radiation treatments
  • Lupus or Diabetes
Hair Loss Treatment For Man

There is as of yet no effective cure for this condition. The alternatives are to try and treat the underlying reasons for the condition. Maybe an iron deficiency is found and can be treated with iron tablets. If the present medication is the cause a substitute or different dosage can be given. Some medication can slow or fend off a continued hair loss in man. Medicine like Rogaine no prescription needed is available also Propecia which most have a prescription. Rogaine is put on the scalp. Propecia is in tablet form an ingested A possible 6-month period may pass before any noticeable signs will be seen. 8 Non-Traditional Ways To Hair Loss Treatment In Man

Nutritional remedies � Hair care need good nutrition with proper levels of iron, vitamins B and C ,Biotin, Essential Fatty Acids. Taking supplements of these nutrients will assist in lessening baldness and stimulate hair growth. Zinc and silica along with the amino acid Lysine can push forward good circulation. Dietary alternative � Taking more protein in your diet like: soy products, eggs, meat, whole grains and fish. Also eating more fruits and berries will aid your circulation. Herbal remedies � Medicine derived from Chinese herbs can act as blood stimulant and aid in cleansing the liver. To help hormonal balance you can use herbs like Black Cohosh, Mexican Yam and Angus Cactus. Acupuncture � An instrument called a Plum Blossom hammer can be used everyday to stimulate the scalp and increase local circulation to help with hair growth. Aromatherapy and Message � The messaging of jojoba oil onto the head everyday helps with circulation and takes away impurities that could slow hair growth Hypnotherapy and Psychological counseling � Can assist in relieving stress or depression that could be related to hair loss.

Man Hair Loss is something that is treatable Click here to see other health Condition that relate to men


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