Your Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste! Get Your Mental Health Back On Track!

As part of a total health program, men must not forget their mental health and its importance to the bodies health.Some facts about men’s mental health as it relates to our bodies.

  • Over a dozen new products that improve brain power.
  • They promise to improve memory, intelligence,alter moods, sex drive, reduce stress and depression.
  • 4 million Americans are Alzheimer suffers
  • Depression and stress has reached epidemic proportions
  • 1 in 10 men are diagnosed with depression.
  • Insomnia is causing an imbalance in most men lifestyles.
A decrease in immune response. Lack of sleep contributes to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. 5 Tips To A More Beautiful Mind When we talk about men's mental health we need to look at how the brain is influenced by our eating habits and lifestyles. By exercising the mind and body along with proper diet, Men must continue to grow emotionally and continue to delvop good relationships while getting enough good sleep. 1. Exercise Is A Great Start Start or maintain a regular exercise program. Exercise enhances the brains ability to work properly. This will help enlarge the tiny blood vessels (Capillaries) in the brain as well as increase the flow of nutrients that find their way to the neurons in our mind. It important to note there is a decrease in blood supply to men’s minds as we age

2. Learn To Keep Connecting With Your Emotions The learning process to better mental health is a continuing method by which many men must grow by having good relationships on more than one level. Men must build ties with other people by friendship, romance, dating, marriage and enriching family bonding. Men must fulfill the need to link with pets and other animals and the great outdoors. Men should meet the need to belong to something bigger than themselves by becoming a member of the local church, big brothers, or various community groups. The more ways you can find to belong the happier you'll be.

3. Your Never To Old To Keep Learning The art of educating yourself will get better over time. Some reasonable steps to take that will help men accumulate knowledge are . Increase your vocabulary by looking up unfamiliar words. . Do crossword puzzles to stimulate your word knowledge . Become well-rounded by re-reading your world history watch the latest newscast and also some of the game shows to keep up with today’s trends. You will see your ability to be funny will increase as you learn new words. When joking or making a humorous remark it seem much easier because your mind has new words and ideas to tap into.

4. Learn To Put On Your Creative Thinking Cap Creativity: is a way to express your individuality. You must be self-motivating. This will require some effort on your part and desire to improve. Who knows you may have some hidden talent that may surprise you. You will never know unless you first make an effort to start. In men their is a strong instinct to make something, build something or invent something. There are many chances to use your creativity on a daily basis. 5. Experience Examine Evolve As men grow older, many men begin to ignore the new experiences. We tend to encompass ourselves with well- known surroundings. This leads to a feeling of being in a rut. This world of ours has an abundance of pleasures for our 5 senses. Still men take only small bites at the fringes. As men we shelter ourselves new things. We try and figure out why there is no happiness or fulfillment from things we use to enjoy. Being aware of this feeling steps can be taken turn this around. . Take a small step to get out of your comfort zone, once you realize how easy this is you continue to evolve. .Your mind is at it's best when there is variety in your lifestyle. Meet and greet new people, go to concerts. Take adult education classes and try a new sport. Men should remind themselves to also appreciate the common things and be happy for anything we have and can already do.

We have seen what effects the brain. How to keep it in optimum working order. Now let's see what other ways to help the brain and our mental health...


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