Erectile Dysfunction You Can Learn The Causes And Treatments For ED

Erectile Dysfunction Effects 1 in Every 10 Men Get Your Questions Answered Now!

Erectile Dysfunction can affect men at any age. Most men over the age 21 have the potential to suffer from this condition. ED as it sometimes called, can cause feelings of disappointment, worry and discouragement. which could be disastrous with your intimate relationships not to mention a man�s confidence. Regrettably most men with this condition are unaware they have this problem or are embarrassed to ask for advice or seek professional help.

ED, or Impotence is situation were men is unable to keep an erection sufficiently for good sexual intercourse. Some men will experience this condition on an irregular basis this is normal.

4 Main Causes ED A Physical Condition is possibly most common about 70% and this over a Period of time. There could be an illness that�s interfering the flow of blood to the penis. ED could occur as symptoms to prescription or non- prescription drug side effects. A physical injury or surgery to the pelvic area could be a cause to be aware of.

Physical factors for ED

� Excessive Alcohol Consumption � Brain or Spinal-cord injury � Diabetes � Hardening of the Arteries � Liver or Kidney failure � Multiple Sclerosis � Parkinson�s Disease � Certain Prostate or Bladder Surgeries � Smoking � Stroke

Psychological Conditions

A Psychological Condition could exist that will cause Erectile Dysfunction. Such problems as: � Anxiety and Stress � Difficulties in the Relationship � Depression � Work Related Problems � Financial Worries

Psychiatric problems

A Psychiatric problem brought on by a major argument or disagreement with your partner. If you did been interrupted while making love this could cause a ED condition as well as these:

� Difficulties in the Relationship � Self-consciousness about Sexual Performance

The Unknown Factor

There are cases that neither physical or psychological conditions Are present that could cause ED.

4 Ways To Diagnose ED

A medical history can reveal possible diseases. Explain sexual Encounters that you may have had to erection problem. A physical examine that may show a existing physical condition In the nervous system or circulatory system. Samples of your blood and Urine will be tested for any disorders.

Most men of good health have an unconscious erection while sleeping. If this does not happen a possible physical problem may be present.

A psychological evaluation by a trained sex therapist can help. Consulting a sex therapist will ask questions and give written questions that need to be answered honestly for a correct diagnoses.

Impotence The Treatment Is Out There

It is important to first share this problem with your mate. There may be some unintentional pressure your partner may causing, that is the culprit of ED. Most doctors will need to find out if the ED has a physical or psychological cause this will determine the method of treatment. Doctors recommend a less direct method of treatment first. By reducing the amount of milligrams in your prescription drugs or switching to another drug altogether could help curb some bad side effects causing ED. Here some other ways to treat Impotence: � Psychotherapy and Counselling � Oral treatments (Viagra,Cialis and Levitra) these Work about 70% of men

� Injections Medications to increase blood flow a side effect is possible painful erection for hours � Hormone Therapy to increase testosterone levels � Vacuum External Device to increase blood flow kamagra pris � Penile Prosthetic Implants last resort there Two types: 1) Semi-rigid helps the penis to be Erect at all times with some flexibility To be bent when not having sex 2) Hydraulic type causes an erection when the pump is started

The advances in Erectile Dysfunction research have provided new forms of treatment this condition. Sure Erectile Dysfunction is a serious condition, Here is more health advice.


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